Weaving Plant is a two-storey structural steel building, with a total area of 33,000 square meters. Twisting Section, Preparation Section, Weaving Section and Inspection Section are distributed respectively according to production procedure on both the first floor and second floor. The warehouse on the second floor provides area of 11,000 square meters keeping raw material such as yarn, grey and so on. There are approximately four hundered large-scale weaving process concerned machines in perfect condition.

All of them brand-new imported from Italy, Japan and Taiwan. About tow hundred and eighty well-trained, skillful employees conduct their duty competently led by experienced managers and supervisors, especially our manager team is from Tuntex Incorporation Company in Taiwan, which has been in the field of weaving industry at least thirty years and full of know-how.

Research and Design Department is also located in Weaving Plant. The smart and exquisite department takes an important role by researching, designing, and developing high quality and up to date fabrics to meet the different demands of both international and local markets. Profession and inspiration depict beautiful appearance.


Dyeing Plant is an integrated and comprehensive one-storey structural steel building with a total area of 19,000 square meters, with Production Control Department and Product Warehouse located on the mezzanine floor, and Dyeing Department on the first floor.There are about eighty different kinds of large-scale, high efficient machines operating around the clock and taking respective function.

All of them made in Germany, Italy, Japan and Taiwan, and additional spare parts are also imported from original foreign suppliers in order to maintain their good condition and guarantee fabric quality. Over two hundred and seventy diligent workers together with their competent managers and supervisors devote their mind to large-quantity production so as to meet customer's demands.

Employees at all levels taking part in relevant training courses inside and outside regularly is always company's main policy for the sake of better systematic management and continual improvement.

With the establishment of Production Control Department, an important function of connection bridge is built up between Weaving Department, Dyeing Department and Marketing to strengthen coordination and terrific teamwork.